A chance to become the owner of SQT tokens in honor of Subquery’s birthday

First token airdrop for community. Airdrop pool: 🏆$5000 of SQT Tokens for 100 random winners. The tasks are not difficult. The total amount of time spent on participation is no more than 10 minutes.

Time: From 9:00 AM (UTC) March 7, 2022 to 9:00 AM (UTC) March 21, 2022.


Subquery token utility

  1. Delegating tokens to Indexers in order to earn rewards
  2. Participation in Subquery DAO
  3. Serving as a medium of exchange for transactions within the SubQuery network

Subquery token allocation

SubQuery will mint a fixed supply of 10 billion SQT which will be allocated in the following manner.

For the Public Sale Subquery team have allocated 12% of token supply across at least two sequential rounds. The exact structure and timing of these rounds will be provided at a later date, however Subquery team will be providing guaranteed allocation for key community members (e.g. Ambassadors, Spartans) and network participants (e.g. test network participants and referenceable customers). Each category will have its own minimum and maximum allocation.

Subquery token vesting schedules

The token allocation by itself is nothing without understanding the way in which the tokens are distributed to the relative holders. The graphic below illustrates the release of the SQT tokens to each participant over time culminating in the full circulation of tokens occurring 5 years (60 months) after launch.

Join the friendly Subquery community. There will be many more new opportunities ahead.

made by discord user anas34tg#4907




it engineer

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